First Menstruation Doesn't Come, Recognize the Causes

The first menstruation is usually the moment awaited daughter, as a sign she has entered adolescence. But, what if menstruation does not come to Mother's child? Let's find out the causes and solutions. Girls generally will experience their first menstruation at the age of 10-15 years. Accompanying the first menstruation usually girls will also experience signs of puberty, such as growing breasts or fine hair around the vagina first. Factors Causing Late Menstruation First Late menstruation in girls can usually be caused by several factors, including: Excessive stress One factor that can cause delays in first menstruation is stress. Stress experienced during puberty is usually caused by homework (PR), family problems or disputes with peers. Overweight or underweight Let's try to check your child's weight. Underweight or excessive weight can affect fertility hormones. Therefore it is important to maintain weight. Heredity Another thing that is not le
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